Royal Pies ™ are traditional and modern savory pies and pasties handmade exclusively by Pleasant House. (We also make lovely sweet pies, too.)

Pleasant House Royal Pies ™ truly are the world’s best pies—only royaler!

What are savory pies and pasties?
For hundreds of years, people throughout the British Commonwealth have warmed their bellies with hearty savory pies. Filled with meats, vegetables, and stews, savory pies are as ubiquitous in England as burgers are in the United States. Whether the original handheld pasty (pAST-ee) of England’s southwest, the pie mash of East London, or cold pork pies from the north, savory pies are delicious for breakfast, lunch, or dinner—or all three!

What makes Royal Pies ™ royaler?
We hand make our own Royal Pies ™ using the finest meats and quality produce—including produce that we grow ourselves at our Pleasant Farms locations in Chicago. We can count on our hands the number of ingredients that go into our buttery, flaky crust and rich, wholesome fillings.

Learn more about the people behind Royal Pies ™ and Pleasant House, including our flagship location, Pleasant House Pub, here.